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The most comprehensive corporate solution for business process excellence and compliance management.

SoftExpert Excellence Suite is the most comprehensive solution to collaboratively solve critical business excellence challenges into an integrated multi-application environment.

SoftExpert offers an integrated suite of components that can be implemented as the need to incorporate new functions and business demands grow.

Whatever the strategy chosen, only a fully shared Business Excellence environment allows its applications fit together like puzzle pieces and work seamlessl

With  SoftExpert Excellence Suite , interconnected applications in a single workplace replaces many isolated management systems that address only a few aspects of a business, leading to costly delays, inefficiencies and errors caused by duplicated functionality, lack of visibility and inconsistent information.

Software Solutions for Compliance and Process Excellence

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Business Process Management


Corporate Performance Management


Enterprise Asset Management


Enterprise Content Management


Enterprise Quality Management


Enterprise Risk Management


Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance Management


Enterprise Service Management


Governance, Risk & Compliance Management


Human Development Management


Innovation & Change Management


Product Lifecycle Management


Project & Portfolio Management


Supplier Lifecycle Management

Main Benefits

  • A single workspace
  • A single user interface
  • Full integration of data and functions
  • High productivity and reliability
  • Ease of use and learning
  • Single cross-platform portability
  • A single service level agreement
  • A single contact for technical support
  • A single responsible supplier
  • License sharing between applications

Solution Overview


Companies across all business sectors are facing many intense challenges, including rising costs, declining profitability and widespread inefficiency. In addition, they have to deal with a fast-changing regulatory environment and a constant pressure to improve quality, safety and efficiency. Companies yet face the formidable task of optimizing costs without lowering the quality of their supply chain.