ISO 19011

The Challenge

Organizations usually need to deal with a large number of compliances, each one with specific requirements and auditing processes. This scenario demands conducting a series of quality, environment, safety and strategic audit programmes at once, challenging auditors to keep audits organized and on schedule.

ISO 19011 provides guidance on the principles of auditing, managing audit programmes, conducting management system audits, as well as guidance on the competence of management system auditors. It is applicable to all organizations needing to conduct internal or external audits or to manage an audit programme.

ISO 19011 Solution

SoftExpert offers the most advanced and comprehensive software solution for audit management, that meets the demanding needs of various global regulations. SoftExpert Excellence Suite helps companies to comply with ISO 19011, while lowering the costs, maximizing success, increasing productivity and reducing risks.

The SoftExpert solution enables organizations to easily meet ISO 19011 requirements, providing resources to manage audits, risks, controls, action plans, and also trainings, incidents, problems, KPIs, processes and others, boosting organizational efficiency, reducing rework and waste. With online collaboration capabilities, the organization and managers can communicate and be updated about the compliance initiatives, involving more users, teams, offices and business units with a systematic and unified approach to obtain excellence in audit management.


Audit schedule

Audit requirements

Audit tracking

Audit data

Main Benefits

 Clear explanations of the principles of management systems auditing.

 Guidance on the management of audit programmes.

 Guidance on the conduct of internal or external audits.

 Advice on the competence and evaluation of auditors.

 Easy integration of different management systems.

 Reduced duplication of effort.

 Decreased disruption of work at units being audited.