Business Process Management

The Challenge

The dynamic nature of the market means new risks and challenges arise incessantly. Economic pressures and changing business needs demand a fundamental shift in the way companies approach business processes. They must streamline these processes in order to quickly respond to changing market conditions.

Business Process Management (BPM) is the key to meeting these challenges and creating highly efficient and responsive business processes. BPM is a type of management discipline that integrates people, content and enterprise applications by combining a process-centric and cross-functional approach.

The Solution – SoftExpert BPM

SoftExpert BPM is a process management software that improves visibility and control of business processes through a user-friendly, human-centric solution.  The solution encourages continuous process improvement throughout the organization. It manages every stage of the organizational lifecycle, from modeling and optimization to automation, execution and monitoring.

Delivering a better understanding of the business, greater process agility, and a bigger impact on strategic planning results, SoftExpert’s process management solution allows people to work more efficiently, improving complex process orchestration while also sustaining strategic objectives. 

The solution provides a powerful modeling tool based on the BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) standard. This tool allows you to use events, activities, tasks, decisions, streaks and other elements to quickly create executable, drag-and-drop processes in a 100% web environment. Users can quickly create processes and business rules, add functional roles, create user-friendly interfaces, customize forms, and manage all related content in an integrated way.

Cases which involve complex interactions between content, people, transactions, and business or regulatory policies are fully supported by SoftExpert’s process management solution. SoftExpert BPM was built with Case Management requirements in mind, delivering a better understanding of the business, greater agility, and a bigger impact on strategic results.

SoftExpert BPM solves the challenges of people-to-business interaction using task management and collaborative resources. Users can monitor and gain visibility by tracking real-time processes, using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. The performance snapshot helps in making decisions and resolving specific situations. 

SoftExpert BPM also includes enterprise-level capabilities such as monitoring for business activities and metrics, decision management, document management, quality assurance, system integration tools and dashboards. It is able to store process models in a native process repository with full version control, hierarchical categorization, search capability, and role-based security for controlled access to each model. It also further delivers on your process automation goals, supporting RPA (Robotic Process Automation) capabilities. In short, SoftExpert BPM delivers process control to the business while allowing IT to change its focus from maintenance to driving innovation.


Business Process Modeling (BPMN)

Process Revision Control

Business Process Simulation

Electronic Forms Automation

Workflow Monitoring

Process Analysis

Main Benefits

  • Reduces the number of FTEs (full-time employees) needed to perform non-value-added functions within the organization.
  • Cuts overtime labor costs by automating and optimizing manual tasks, thereby directly reducing outbound cash flow.
  • Significantly lowers the amount of time spent responding to customer inquiries by continuously improving and monitoring customer service processes.
  • Eliminates revenue losses by enforcing rules and processes related to strategic planning mandates.
  • Avoids audit fees by providing a means to quickly create processes to track compliance efforts.
  • Promotes collaboration between IT and business users to document and implement the process.
  • Monitors the performance of individual processes or aggregates and potentially identifies trends.
  • Transforms raw process data into valuable process intelligence to drive strategy and business performance enhancement
  • Eliminates rework and promotes standardization and transparency throughout the organization, increasing employee motivation.
  • Ensures real-time visibility and productivity as a result of process automation.
  • Increases customer retention rate, reputation, market share and revenue by improving customer satisfaction.

Solution Overview