Innovation and Change Management

Drive innovation and organizational change

The Solution – SoftExpert ICM

SoftExpert ICM is a solution for innovation and change processes at organizations of any size and in every market segment. It is a management tool that helps teams easily enable and implement transformation processes. The solution allows everyone involved in business innovation to be managed, from operators to managers. It controls team activities, workflows, specific requests, projects and processes, through simplified control and monitoring.

The solution is designed to manage the entire innovation lifecycle, starting with new idea generation, idea selection and prioritization, and up through approval, impact assessments, implementation of innovation and change projects, portfolio management and benchmarking for performance and return on investment in innovation and change. SoftExpert ICM provides an ideal method for organizing your idea funnel.

The platform allows employees, customers, partners and suppliers to participate in the ideation process, offering an organized and safe collaborative space for generating ideas, innovation and changes. SoftExpert ICM enables the transformation of ideas and concrete results. The tool makes it possible to define criteria and formulas to evaluate, score and classify ideas proposed, making the process more transparent and helping you to make decisions consistently, enabling you to promote the most promising ideas for the next stage of innovation: implementation.

SoftExpert’s solution allows organizational changes to take place effectively, optimizing the implementation of new projects and maintaining the performance of the company’s operations. SoftExpert ICM controls all the processes in the transformation cycle, including change requests, opening of new projects, task planning in Kanban, impact analysis, implementation and post-deployment monitoring. In addition, it provides documentation, review, and reporting tools to increase the visibility of transformation processes.

The use of resources and technologies to manage innovation and change can be controlled through automated flows, integrated content and distribution controls. A complete management tool that makes automated decision-making possible, enabling scalability of activities. In short, the tool offers total control over innovation and change processes, giving the entire team visibility. Every company issue, like business rules, content and processes, is integrated for easy application according to international standards and regulations such as: ISO 9001, PMBOK, Good Manufacturing Practices, Six Sigma, ITIL, IATF 16949, FDA, CMMI, and BSC, among others.


Idea registration form

Assessment and approval flows


Task schedule and monitoring

Performance results

       Change and innovation management portal

Main Benefits

  • Simplify organizational change and innovation processes with automated tasks and controls using your business rules.
  • Make it possible for employees, customers and partners to submit ideas by facilitating the ideation process and promoting the engagement and collaboration of the entire organization.
  • Collect, develop, evaluate, prioritize, approve and implement the right ideas.
  • Facilitate the implementation of innovation and change in your organization and assess the potential impact of ideas and the resources needed to put them into action.
  • Start implementation based on the type of change and innovation, through Projects, Action Plan or Kanban.
  • Create automatic schedules and deadlines, control and monitor implementation in real time for innovations and changes.
  • Collaborate, execute and monitor the performance of innovation and change projects, according to indicators and activities inside or outside the company, using any device.
  • Monitor the financial return or ROI of innovation and change projects.
  • Create custom charts with the data you want and evaluate reports and dashboards to measure the effectiveness of your process.