Governance, Risk and Compliance Management

Integrate business strategy with compliance and risk management practices


The Challenge

Risk and compliance are among the top issues executives feel least prepared to address. Part of the reason is attributed to the fact that with limited resources and compliance deadlines looming, organizations often find themselves overwhelmed by the demands of new and changing regulatory requirements. But the problem is also that they do not really know what GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) is and how the acronym can fit into their processes.

GRC is the integrated collection of capabilities that enable an organization to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity. The goal is to effectively define, manage and monitor the external and internal business environments to assure the protection and growth of value within risk tolerance and legal boundaries. This involves moving toward a federated organizational structure, where GRC functions are centrally overseen, but responsibility is distributed across all lines of business.

The Solution – SoftExpert GRC

SoftExpert GRC is a robust web-based software for supporting all governance, risk and compliance management processes in the organization. It enables organizations to effectively integrate business strategy execution with compliance and risk management practices. As a result, managers can accomplish organizational goals while managing risk and ensuring that operations stay compliant with corporate policies, laws and regulations, such as SOX, COSO, COBIT, and ISO 31000.
The solution interconnects all the main GRC elements – risks, controls, policies, laws/regulations, loss events, KRIs, KPIs, issues, assessments, action plans and audits. This enables companies to easily visualize how each GRC element affects other elements. The integrated approach of SoftExpert GRC removes many obstacles to implementing solutions and to unlocking the value of GRC for the entire enterprise. It provides abilities to streamline planning, drive multiple methodologies and conduct refined risk modeling across business lines and functional groups, enhancing governance from IT to corporate levels.

In addition to mapping risks and internal controls, the holistic approach of SoftExpert GRC software will show how key items of the organization interact, providing organizations with a clear, shared vision of the operating model. This will enable managers to make better decisions, ensure that the right systems are in place, and lead stakeholder efforts to work towards the same operational governance strategy. To support this process, dashboards providing up-to-date information on the status of the risk and compliance activities can be rapidly created.

SoftExpert solution for GRC offers tangible business benefits from consistent and closed-loop processes across departments and functions, real-time visibility and easy access to risk and compliance data, and a collaborative environment for improved cooperation between teams. It is a successful, embedded and integrated solution that results in a transparent organization, with streamlined processes, significant cost and time savings, reductions in key controls and risks, and numerous alternatives for business performance improvements.


Process modeling

Policies and procedures

Initiative implementation

Risk assessment

Tests and Control Self-Assessments

Audit activities

Main Benefits

  • Reduce costs, since redundant activities are identified and streamlined or eliminated.
  • Reduce gaps and errors, since the integration creates a holistic system of checks.
  • Increase quality of the risk-based information on which strategical and tactical decisions are based.
  • Comply with confidence, establishing controls and acceptable levels of risk while staying in alignment with objectives and policies.
  • Increase transparency into risk and compliance results.
  • Provide trust results from consistent organizational positions and actions, from oversight to operations.
  • Increase agility with a clear definition of who handles what activities in what sequence.
  • Promote the ability to repeat processes in a consistent manner.
  • Create more focus on substantive issues and corporate strategy.
  • Assure that expectations and objectives are met.
  • Increase the efficiency of internal and external audits.
  • Increase business agility by identifying the root cause of compliance problems and acting quickly to resolve them.
  • Enhance monitoring and reporting with desktop and mobile dashboards.

Solution Overview