Enterprise Content Management

Drive the power of information with security and agility


The Challenge

Every day, organizations create a huge volume of unstructured content that includes customer profiles, purchase orders, employee records, financial reports, forms, scanned invoices, contracts, quality documents, engineering drawings and e-mails, among others. The challenge of handling paper, digital content, records and documents is mounting. Studies have shown that unstructured content makes up 80% or more of all corporate information and is growing at an annual rate of anywhere from 65% to 200%, depending on the industry.

At most companies, digital and paper-based content often exist in a state of unmanaged chaos. This content is stored in multiple locations, such as local computer drives, file shares, file folders and file cabinets without a consistent taxonomy for identification. This makes it hard for users to find and reuse the content they need for their daily tasks. The result is time wasted searching for and re-creating information. This also promotes less efficient practices, such as using e-mail as a document collaboration tool.

The Solution – SoftExpert ECM

 SoftExpert ECM is a software that provides all of the core content management services needed to create, capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content related to organizational processes. It is a practical software solution for centralizing unstructured content and better managing the entire content lifecycle.

The solution provides a set of enterprise content management capabilities, including document and record management, workflows, search and archiving, as well as specific applications, such as contract management and engineering document management system (EDMS), all integrated into a single web-based platform.

Because of the tool’s robust nature and flexibility in managing content-oriented processes, structured documents, such as forms, or unstructured documents such as requests or informal records, can be analyzed and classified. Once documents have been categorized, SoftExpert ECM uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automatically capture business-relevant information. As a result, this eliminates manual data entry, streamlines operations, and speeds up data availability within the system.

ECM capabilities in combination with the business process management (BPM) solution provide a robust infrastructure for content management, regardless of content type (physical or digital). The solution integrates with existing governance practices, offering flexibility to customize dashboards, reports, and workflows.

The workflow engine is fully configurable and helps automate business processes related to content. This could be a simple review and approval workflow or a more complex multi-stage business process. Users can create and revise documents or send documents to peers or to management for review. Once approved, these documents can be released within the organization. All objects are subject to version control and security, providing a comprehensive audit trail for evidential proof of compliance with industry standards and regulations.


Content capturing and indexing

Document centric workflows

Digital signature

Physical records management

Audit trail

Monitoring portals

Main Benefits

  • Centralizes all enterprise content in a single environment, streamlining access to information.
  • Reduces costs of physical document storage.
  • Minimizes the need to print documents and process paper.
  • Ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Simplifies and accelerates creation, review and publishing of documents.
  • Promotes collaboration and ensures access to updated content in real time.
  • Eliminates delays and inefficiencies due to manual processes and use of obsolete documents.
  • Boosts productivity across the enterprise, by standardizing document control processes.
  • Automates character recognition and lowers the risk of content being erroneously indexed.
  • Provides full visibility of tasks, deadlines and teams' workloads, allowing for identification of bottlenecks and deviations.

Solution Overview