ISO 26000

The Challenge

ISO 26000 is a guidance standard for organizations concerned with social responsibility. The standard focuses on developing sustainable business, based on 3 key aspects: economic, environmental and social. ISO 26000 is a reference standard, has no certification, and can be applied to industries, government and non-governmental organizations, among others.

Marketplace changes did lot of companies to understand that not only maximize profit is important. Social and environmental aspects now are attention points, because they can also impact the business. Companies are focusing efforts to reduce the negative impacts they cause, such as pollution or exhaustion of natural resources, and to increase positive actions, such as promoting quality of life and welfare to employees and society.

ISO 26000 Solution

SoftExpert offers the most advanced and comprehensive software solution for compliance management, that meets the demanding needs of various global regulations. SoftExpert Excellence Suite helps companies to comply with ISO 26000, while lowering the costs, maximizing success, increasing productivity and reducing risks.

The SoftExpert solution enables organizations to easily meet ISO 26000 recommendations, providing resources to engage employees, communities and business partners in their strategy. With online collaboration capabilities, the organization and managers can communicate and be updated about the initiatives, involving more users, teams, offices and business units with a systematic and unified approach that ensure the maintaining and effectiveness of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy.


Social responsibility initiatives management

Community involvement and development

Environmental objectives and targets monitoring

Documents and policies management

Main Benefits

 Standardize and streamline regulatory and legal compliance management.

 Reduce efforts to effectively meet ISO 26000 recommendations.

 Define a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy customized and directed to your business.

 Apply corporate social responsibility (CSR) to any legal, cultural or political environment in flexible manner.

 Centralize and get complete visibility of social responsibility initiatives.

 Simplify the development, review, and approval of social responsibility policies and related documents.

 Strengthen the image as a socially responsible company.

 Improve engagement with stakeholders, suppliers and society.

 Promote the business operation in a socially responsible way.