Product Lifecycle Management

Efficiently and effectively manage the complete product lifecycle

The Challenge

Product complexity is increasing while product lifecycles are compressing. Organizations are being asked to do more with fewer resources. To be competitive, manufacturers not only need to increase the rate of product innovation but also accelerate time to market, while tightly managing costs and relentlessly driving quality.

Globalization, rapid innovation, traceability, outsourcing and mass customization are some of the challenges faced by product development teams. The challenges also include external factors, such as consumer awareness, the proliferation of competing products and the rapid evolution of consumer trends. At the same time, manufacturers must comply with an increasing number of rules and regulations.

The Solution – SoftExpert PLM

SoftExpert PLM is a software for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). It enables companies to manage the entire lifecycle of a product efficiently and cost-effectively, from conception, design and manufacture, through service and disposal, in an affordable, easy-to-use, and web-based interface.

SoftExpert PLM software can leverage enterprise-wide data to help managers make better decisions. It increases the optimization of every step of the product lifecycle, creating higher quality products, launching new products in less time and at a lower cost, and maximizing profits.

The solution provides a complete product data management tool. It allows users to manage several process aspects, such as design, manufacturing, purchasing, quality/test, and service aspects of product records. Product data can be defined by any product object (parts/components, documents, Bill of Material [BOM], machines/instruments, costs, characteristics, etc.). SoftExpert PLM software manages all product revisions and provides a complete audit trail detailing all historical changes.

With SoftExpert software for Product Lifecycle Management, companies can promote tight integration with their ERP system and CAD software, providing timely and transparent access to the most important product information (assemblies, parts, drawings, etc.), tracking engineering changes, and maintaining the appropriate relationships between the CAD design objects and the product structure. IT managers can take advantage of their current and future CAD tools without having to make sacrifices by committing to a single CAD system.

SoftExpert PLM considers risk management, product quality (including FMEA and SPC tools), process management, reliability, project management, change management, supplier management and document management as a single and unified solution, significantly integrated into the product’s definition and lifecycle. It allows managers to work faster and more efficiently by capturing, sharing, managing, tracking, and storing documents, tasks, and product information in a central data repository, fostering standardization across the enterprise.


Product realization process

Project control

Product definition

Document viewing

Failure analysis

Inspection management

Main Benefits

  • Reduce product cost and greater profitability.
  • Decrease time of new product introduction.
  • Enhance product innovation.
  • Improve product quality.
  • Less scrap & rework.
  • Greater design efficiency.
  • Improve business and operational processes.
  • Meets standards and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Improve design review and approval processes.
  • Improve integration and communication with extended supply chain.

Solution Overview