Aerospace and Defense

The Challenge

The aerospace and defense sector is going through a very challenging moment. While demand for new products is increasing in the market, pressure is quickly building for profitability, competitiveness and higher quality.

In a scenario with slim margins and complex regulatory requirements, innovation is fundamental to resolve issues that include: improving fuel efficiency, lowering gas emissions, delivering better experiences to passengers and increasing public safety. 

SoftExpert offers the aerospace and defense sector the SoftExpert Excellence Suite, the most complete solution for management excellence, business process improvement, regulatory compliance and corporate governance.

Aerospace and Defense Solution

SoftExpert Excellence Suite lowers the cost of regulatory compliance and helps companies in the aerospace and defense industry to maximize success, increase productivity, reduce risk and adhere to aerospace and defense regulations such as AS9100.

The solution enables aerospace and defense organizations to map, analyze and continuously improve efficiency by integrating different management frameworks, including product development processes, advanced product quality planning (APQP), failure modes and effect analysis (FMEA), statistical process control (SPC), eight discipline (8D) model, calibration, performance, documents and records.

By offering end-to-end activity insights across roles, each agent is better able to recognize opportunities for improvement and spearhead customized solutions for dramatic changes in the industry’s competitive environment.

SoftExpert Suite simplifies and standardizes excellence and compliance management by providing a software platform that centralizes and integrates documentation processes, KPI monitoring, policies and regulation procedures, industry models, task distribution, follow-up comments, risk awareness and triage initiatives.


Audit Control 

                Business Process Modelling

  Product Management

                 Risk Assessment

Main Benefits

  • Standardizes and streamlines regulatory and legal compliance management.
  • Eases efforts to effectively comply with AS9100 and other regulations.
  • Association of finished goods characteristics.
  • Drives efforts to develop the workforce and improve business processes across the enterprise.
  • Ensures the delivery of aerospace and defense products that consistently meet customer requirements.
  • Proactively identifies and manages potential risks, saving the company’s budget.
  • Simplifies the development, review, and approval of new aerospace and defense products as well as related documents.
  • Accelerates investigation of quality deviations and customer claims.
  • Runs processes and departmental audits and reduces organizational vulnerability.
  • Strengthens business relations with stakeholders, suppliers and the government.

Solution Overview