The Challenge

The healthcare industry faces many intense challenges, including rising costs, declining profitability and the need of increase processes efficiency. In addition, the industry has to deal with a business consolidation environment, introduction of new technologies, new regulations, and at the same time confront constant pressure to improve the safety and quality of care.

SoftExpert offers the industry´s most advanced and comprehensive software suite that allows healthcare organizations to become compliant with multiple standards, regulations and initiatives, such as JCAHO, NIAHO, ACI and HIPPA, in a single easy-to-use, accessible and secure system. SoftExpert offers an integrated regulatory compliance solution for the healthcare industry for successfully meeting compliance requirements while lowering the associated costs that can otherwise be substantial.

Healthcare Solution

The solution enables healthcare companies to continuously improve their process allowing them to meet regulatory demands effectively and at the same time reducing the workload.

Through a powerful support tool for collaboration, SoftExpert Excellence Suite helps the workforce breaking departmental boundaries, allowing them to play a central role in risks mitigation and making smart improvements in the way the organization serves its patients.

SoftExpert Suite helps to standardize procedures and optimize resources, by delivering content such as protocols and policies, turning it readily available, to ensure accuracy and efficiency in patient care.

The solution simplifies excellence and compliance management processes, allowing managers to real-time track the organizational performance through KPIs, control charts, dashboards, balanced scorecards and others, showing a clear view of the gaps and turning into a solid and targeted HR development plan to improve quality of care and avoid near-misses and medical errors.


Macro process mapping

            Business process modeling

Procedures, protocols and policies management

Audit control

KPI management

Strategy management

Risk assessment

Competence manament

Main Benefits

  • Improve productivity by optimizing key business processes.​
  • Automate processes and enhance effectiveness and efficiency in care protocols.​
  • Remove manual tasks, automate business policies and best practices, increasing personal and organizational productivity.
  • Manage quality issues through a powerful CAPA solution, enabling systematic investigation, root cause analysis and action plan.
  • Make better decisions through real-time insight into key metrics, proactive alerts and notifications about key performance indicators.
  • Control incidents and claims raising the feeling of quality and reputation to patients and community.
  • Assess process risks in a more efficient way, preserving financial resources and maintaining a safe healthcare environment.
  • Plan effective training programs, lining up to corporate objectives and improving skills of the staff teams.
  • Run process and departmental audits focusing the efforts on compliance gaps, and reduce organizational vulnerability.

Solution Overview