Simplified Work Management

Agility and flexibility in managing team tasks

In today’s business environment, companies need to be agile and flexible enough to keep up with new and rapidly changing market demands. Their work management framework needs to provide a clear plan, process, and responsibilities so that critical initiatives can be delivered on time and on budget.

With these challenges in mind, Agile and Lean management methods are now gaining traction in companies around the world. Using a fresh take on an old concept, Kanban’s core elements have remained rooted as a way to easily implement Agile and promote collaborative work management.

SoftExpert Kanban is software for planning, organizing, prioritizing and tracking tasks and workflows in a collaborative space. By creating a visual model of the workflow, users can observe the flow of work moving through the Kanban system, allowing them to understand the progress of the organization’s tasks and quickly gain insight into the work to be done. Deliveries can also be organized in “sprints,” thanks to the support of the SCRUM framework offered by the tool.

The solution promotes greater transparency and accountability, while giving team members instant access to all the information they need. This gives teams the support and structure to complete tasks faster, avoid issues, and correct course before the goal is affected.



Kanban board

Creation of activities

Task management portal


Map the workflow

  • Define the types of activities that may exist in your organization, what steps an activity may have, set up your flowcharts, and define which fields will be presented to users.
  • Use custom fields to track the info that is imperative to your team or company.
  • Personalize your workspace, defining what the Kanban columns will look like.
  • Turn common processes into templates your whole team can use.
  • Make projects private to create a safe space for sensitive work.

Kanban board

  • Create initiatives, activities and sub-activities for yourself or your team.
  • Collaborate from beginning to end by adding comments, attachments, due dates and more, directly to cards.
  • Move work through multiple stages quickly and easily.
  • Reorder the cards within the lane, making it easy to see the priority of each task.
  • Delegate responsibilities across your team with assigned users, task date ranges, status and priority.
  • Reassign activities to other teams or even move them to other workspaces.
  • Easily plan and track using customizable Kanban boards.
  • Sort, tag, and organize your tasks for clear communication and better task management.

Track, measure and learn

  • View your cards and receive notifications about your tasks in a single place.
  • Customize dashboards so you only see what you want to see.
  • Filter your cards by responsible party, priority, deadline or other card field information.
  • Make sure no one is over or underworked and keep initiatives on track.
  • Keep track of changes to your tasks.
  • Perform analysis using Lead time, Throughput, CFD, burndown and speed charts, in addition to the Sprint report.

SoftExpert Kanban